What is the family welfare?

family welfare

What is the family welfare?

According to the Real Academia Española, welfare is: “the whole of things needed to live well”, and the family welfare is multidimensional State of well-being (physical,intellectual, occupational, social, emotional and spiritual) and among the membersof the family.

Welfare is a concept that involves much more than the absence of disease. Our levelof well-being is affected by our body and mind. Not only what we eat, but also whatwe do and what we receive through our senses play a factor in our level of prosperity.

How to promote family welfare?

Creating a lifestyle that promotes health and positive family habits. Evaluates the following five factors and see what changes you can make to enhance the wellbeing ofyour family.

1. nutrition: We all know that it should reduce fats and sugars, and increasing fruits,vegetables, grains, fiber, vitamins, minerals and whole grain foods.

The hard part is actually doing it.

Part with small changes, like replacing rice and white pasta with whole alternatives;decreases the size of the dishes; replaces drinks and juices by water (water tasteless,even drinks like “vitamin water” have approximately 8 cubes of sugar); change by white milk chocolate milk and mixed cereals high in fiber in your children chocolate cereals.

Focus on foods that your family consumes daily and make changes gradually.

2 exercise and movement: Although subscribe to a gym would be ideal, the reality isthat multiple commitments that we do that often this is impossible or very difficult.Useless register if not we‘ll go right?.

Create habits that support a life in motion. Use less auto and over your feet, salt ona family hike once a week, buy toys that stimulate the physical play (fewer Playstation Games and more ula ulas, limbo, Twister) and visit more often for your playground more close.

3 more outdoors and less TV: A Government survey revealed that over 15 years of people see an average of 2.7 hours of TV a day, and children an alarming sum of 6 hours a day. The increase in time in front of the screen has gone hand with the decrease of the time outdoors.

The National Wildlife Federation argues that American children spend an average of between 4 and 7 minutes a day playing outdoors. The contact with nature makes children more healthy and happy. Increases levels of vitamin E, decreases stress and contributes to a positive emotional development.

Decreases the time that your family spent in front of a screen and increases the timeoutdoors.

4. communication and quality family time: A family that spends time together and communicates is a close-knit family. Share a meal a day with your children – studies show that share dinner prevents depression in adolescents and insurance will allow you to know what your children are and if you have a problem. At school the childrenlearn many things but values and self-esteem come from home. Lower the radio volume and ask your children how it was your day, adds talks in your routine, as in theroad from home to school.

5 be careful with the weight of your children, alcohol, drugs and tobacco: these are the factors that can decrease welfare in your family safer. Between 16 and 33 percentof children in the United States is obese, condition that is responsible for 300,000 deaths each year. Obesity in children is a consequence of wrong family decisions, anddespite the fact that the school plays an important factor, the main responsibility is in the family.

You educate your children in the moderate consumption of alcohol and tries to make your House free of tobacco.

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